Will you need an office in the future?

April 15, 2016

A number of big businesses are ditching big office spaces in favour of hot desks and work from home options. It begs the question: do you need an office?

Ah working from home - shorter commutes, convenient for family life, low overheads and you can work in your pyjamas if you want to. Sounds great doesn’t it? Well not always. Going into the office has got definite perks - work is set apart from the rest of life, there’s colleague camaraderie, hustle and bustle, location.

There are perks on both sides, as we hear from the variety of businesses that use our services and facilities at Nexus Business Space.

Do you need an office?

Mark, a graphic designer based near Edinburgh, worked in big offices for his whole career before making the switch to working from home a couple of years ago.

He retains a virtual office - providing mail and call forwarding and city centre meeting space, at Nexus Business Space, and thinks it’s an option that will become increasingly popular for many companies:

“Many of our bigger clients are moving away from having big offices and everyone having their own permanent desk. Now a lot of them are encouraging people to work from home for part of the week and, when they do come into the city, they use hot desks.

“I think a lot more companies are going to be moving that way in the next 5-10 years, even just to cut down on cost. If the bigger companies are doing it then the smaller companies will follow.

Virtual Office for the mobile entrepreneur

Some smaller companies have already started to follow suit, opting for a virtual office in the city centre over a permanent office space.

One entrepreneur who has gone that route is Beverley, an immigration expert, who works all over the country helping clients with visa issues. While she doesn’t need a permanent city centre desk, she admits having that option is vital for her business.

“What I do need is a good business address,” she explains. “Since I deal with a lot of people’s passports and important documents, I also need a secure location for mail to go back and forward from.

“The office staff at Nexus Business Space let me know as soon as anything arrives for me and I can pick it up or clients can go and pick up documents from there if they need them.

“A lot of my consultations are via skype but some people want to travel to meet me face to face, so for that I book a meeting room at Nexus and it works perfectly.

“If I’m in there I also like to use the business lounge to work on my laptop or even just use the photocopier and scanner.

“As useful as it is to me, I don’t know why more people don’t use virtual offices.”

You can't beat a city centre office

Although the flexibility of having a virtual office is convenient for some, many still find having a permanent city centre office to be key to their business success.

Alan runs a specialist recruitment company from his city centre office at Nexus Business Space. He loves the perks of being in the city.

“Location is really important to us - we need to be central and close to train stations and bus stations,” he explains.

“Having this central office at Nexus, which is a really nice space to work in, also means that if people want to meet us in their lunch break they can come to us or it’s easy to pop out and make the most of local coffee shops.

Now it's your turn

What is the right option for your business?

Whether you’re looking for an inspiring city centre office space or a virtual office where you can register your business address in the city centre, Nexus business space has a range of options to fit your need and budget.