Why we're remodelling a 200-year old building for the digital age

May 12, 2016

If you’ve been around Nexus Business Space recently, it will come as no surprise for you to find out that all of our office spaces are full. We have, infact, been full and running a waiting list over the course of the last year.

That being said, we are delighted to announce that as of the 1st of July 2016 we are opening a new premises, directly over the road on Young Street.

Renovations are under way on the 200-year old building, which is currently being wired with fibre optic broadband.

The perfect opportunity

“The new premises are adjacent to our existing business centre," says Angus Forsyth, Director here at Nexus Business Space.

"We have been full for a year and needing expansion space so when the property became available we jumped on it.

“Our current spaces have been running a waiting list so this new property is going to offer 40 new workstations.

“What is really exciting about this project is that the building itself was built in the 1780s so we are getting to renew an old building and wire it for the digital age.

“We are part of the Edinburgh Fibre Optic Scheme. We need lots of bandwidth and this allows us to provide it. With the proximity and configuration of this new space to our existing space we can hook into our broadband easily.

What is it going to be like?

Once the structural work is done, we’re bringing in the interior designers to make our new sight an inspiring place to work. Like our existing workspaces, this one will be different from your usual office experience.

“It is going to be an uplifting business space,” Angus explains.

“We wanted to create the kind of space that makes it fun to come to work - it’s uplifting, creative, artistic, colourful. It’s not a standard place to work."

Tenants for much of the premises are already arranged, including a mixture of executive search, travel and technology companies.

Growth of flex office space

The flexible office space industry as a whole is booming. Here At Nexus Business Space we offer everything from Virtual Offices and Hotdesks - for people that want the benefits of our city centre location without having to come into the city centre every day - to flexible office spaces where companies can adjust as they grow.

“Flexible office space is growing because people find it difficult to consider signing a traditional 5-10 year commercial lease," Angus says.

“People can be here for a short period of time without having to make long commitments.

“Many companies are in a growth phase - they don’t want to commit to an office space and then quickly outgrow it and be stuck with it for the duration of a lease.

“We understand that and so our model allows companies to upsize and downsize depending on their needs.”