Taking care of the essentials

August 4, 2016

Why a copywriter serving luxury fashion brands has opened in Edinburgh to reach the rest of Europe.

“We’re a copywriting agency with strong European links and so we chose to set up in Edinburgh not only because it is a bustling economy but also, truthfully, to mitigate the uncertainty surrounding the UK’s relationship with the EU post-Brexit,” explains Lucy Vauclair, Essential’s Creative Director.

Essential started in Italy and offers copywriting services to luxury, fashion and digital brands. They’ve just opened their new Edinburgh office in Nexus Business Space’s brand new building at 22 Young Street, Edinburgh.

What they do

“We work a lot with high-end brands, providing newsletters, blogs, web copy, e-commerce and social media campaigns,” Lucy says. “We’re very focused on all those little tricks and hacks that can mean the difference between the success and failure of a campaign, such as organic SEO, proven microcopy and the ‘lost art’ of storytelling”.

Clients include Armani, Gucci, Armani Hotels and Swiss e-comm association NetComm Suisse.

Although from the UK, Lucy only recently moved to Edinburgh after several years living and working in Italy.

Co-working for networking

“When I was working in Italy, I used to work in a co-working space. One of the big things that made me want to come to Nexus was the chance to meet other businesses and engage with other teams for inspiration and mutual support.”

“We feel that working in a young and dynamic, open environment will help us forge the bonds and relationships that are crucial for any business to grow in today’s interconnected world.

“At the moment we’re really just setting up in Edinburgh although we’re working with clients in Italy and around the world. We’re looking to continue our work with our core customers in the digital, luxury, fashion and design areas and hope to expand relatively quickly. That’s one of the other reasons for choosing Nexus – it provides a very flexible space which will allow us to scale on demand.

In the beginning...

Essential started out in Italy under the name Essential Language Solutions - the name they still trade under overseas.

Starting out, they primarily offered translation services - taking web copy in Italian and other languages and making it work in another country.

Since those beginnings they have expanded their range of services, first into creative translation and finally to include copywriting.

Man vs. Machine

“While our company started out as a translation provider, we quickly realised that more often than not, clients askingfor translation or localisation services actually wanted something which did not exist on the market. They wanted really high-quality, customised copy (albeit in the new language),” explains Lucy.

“Furthermore, machine translation platforms (such as Google translate) are getting better every day. While our competitors are busy struggling with that (either incorporating it into their offer or trying to beat it, we went down the creative route because, firstly it’s more rewarding as a job, and secondly, only humans can create – thus it’s a future-proof strategy.”

“So ELS was very innovative in creating this bridge between the world of copy and translation – and from here we took the decision to go to market in the UK focusing on pure copy – it’s the logical progression of our journey,” concludes Lucy.

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