Seven ways to boost your productivity in Edinburgh

June 23, 2016

As a business leader, you understand the need to make the most of your time. It is, after all, the only resource we cannot get more of. With all the tensions that pull on our time between work, family, our social lives and everything else that makes up life, if one thing is for sure it’s that we need plan.

In order for this to be able to happen effectively though, you need to work in a space that can flex with you - somewhere that will help you create your best work whenever your best work takes place.

Hold walking meetings

Edinburgh is anything but flat, so what better place to get out of the office for 30 minutes, get some exercise and have a super productive meeting along the way. By having your meetings on the move, you can also invite fewer people to them, control their length more easily and cut to the chase quicker which will boost your productivity. When you’re running a business it can be easy to prioritise work over well being, having walking meetings means you can do both at the same time and power through that mid-afternoon slump as well.

Assess your schedule

The classic 9-5 is not for everyone. One of the beauties of being a small business owner is that you have the ability to adjust your schedule so that you work when you need to in order to best meet client demands. Our serviced office spaces are available 24/7 to our residents meaning you can build a schedule to suit your life and business. So if you’re an early bird or a night owl, your office is available whenever you need it but our team will be available to take calls for you during business hours.

HIRE A HOT DESK. If you’re only in Edinburgh for a day here and there, don’t count on getting all your work done in a noisy, crowded coffee shop. Instead, hire a Hot Desk here at Nexus Business Space and enjoy getting your work done in a creative, professional space without a noisy milk frother or blender in sight!

Schedule everything

The old saying goes you plan what you prioritise. In short, if you want to get something done, don’t just let it sit on the bottom of a to-do list - plan a time you will do it and stick to it.

Catch the tram

If you’re coming from the west side of the city, the only vehicle in Edinburgh that can glide uncontested through traffic is our beloved trams. Quick, comfortable and they stop on Queen Street - just a couple of minutes walk from Nexus Business Space.

Drink plenty of water

Coffee is, for many of us, the fuel that keeps the fire burning. All that caffeine is just increasing your heart rate though - it’s not actually making you think clearer or work any better. What most of us need is to drink more water. Not only does being properly hydrated help your body to function properly it also aids your concentration and holds off drowsiness. Here at Nexus Business Space we supply refreshing filtered water to help you be at your best.

Don't go to the office!

Think about the time you spend getting to and from work - sitting on the bypass, in a crowded bus or even just looking for city centre parking! Is that time you could be using productively doing something else? Most likely the answer is yes! Now ask yourself this: is actually being in the city centre essential for your work? Could you achieve the same, if not more, from home? If you’re commuting to an office simply so you can have an impressive city centre address, call answering and a meeting room now and then, then we have something just for you: It’s called a Virtual Office. It has all the perks of being in an office without you having to routinely go there.

For more information on how Nexus Business Space services offices, hot desks and virtual offices can help you be more productive, contact us.