Quality over Quantity

April 7, 2016

Why a leading graphic design firm poised for growth chose to focus on quality...

“We have turned our hands to everything from a little job for a small local roofing company to larger projects for big blue chip company CH2M in London. It just shows you the scale that we work on,” says Mark Hosker, director of 13 Hundred - one of the Nexus Business Space community of businesses. “Currently we’re working on a branding job for the Royal College of Physicians in Edinburgh. We’ve also produced educational stuff for government agencies, such as online interactive educational resources and even made a driving game a few years ago.

The company has enjoyed a growing reputation as a leading graphic design firm since starting in 2012. It was birthed out of another firm Mark jointly started 17-years earlier, which was restructured following the recession.

Now established as 13 Hundred, the company was growing in name and poised to grow in scale when something unexpected happened. 

The moment that changed everything

“Around 18-months ago my business partner got very ill and that changed everything for us.

“At that point we had been looking to grow the company and take on more staff but that caused us just to pause and reconsider.”

“We just felt at that point that, for us, all of the big ambitions of building a bigger company again had been done. We’d built a big company before and won lots of awards.

Finding the balance

“Now it’s all about working with a wide range of clients, producing good work for them and living a balanced life.

“We’ve done the 6 and 7 day weeks in the past building big companies and it wasn’t healthy, nor ultimately productive.

“Now we work in a more sensible way, which is simple, flexible, fair and efficient.”

The rise of digital

Mark is a well seasoned graphic designer, as are all of the 13 Hundred team. Starting out as a Graphic Design graduate, he took his first job with an agency in London before moving north, eventually ending up in Scotland where he jointly started One O’Clock Gun and now 13 Hundred. Through the years he has seen a changing landscape in the industry and adjusted, which he feels gives 13 Hundred a unique perspective.

“When we first started in business our work was almost 100 percent for print. Now I would say the work we do is 80 percent digital,” he explains.

“Working on digital design projects, you’re still creating something visual and telling a story, it’s just through a different vehicle. It’s a very similar discipline.”