Nexus welcomes Arran Aromatics into an office space that will foster their creativity

August 24, 2017

A sprig of heather, a breath of sea and rain, a pinch of seasoned wood. These and other locally sourced elements are the things used to conjure the vibrant, evocative and uniquely Scottish scents which are found in the products of Arran Aromatics. The Scottish Isle of Arran is the companies heart and inspiration. We are delighted to announce we are welcoming them, as a fellow Scottish company, into one of our Glasgow Office spaces.

Arran Aromatics was founded by Janet Russell and her husband Iain in the kitchen of their cottage on the beautiful Isle of Arran. Now we welcome them into our office on 126 West Regent Street. The rich colour palette of Arran, with its unique blend of landscapes and the diversity of its herbs and flowers fuels Arran Aromatics creativity and passion for beautiful things, beautifully made. All our office spaces are also designed to fuel creativity, and we hope our spaces can help promote and foster the creativity and passion key to Arran Aromatics work.

A lot of thought has gone into the design of all our office spaces, and making sure they are spaces that foster creativity has been a key focus. What do we mean by a space that fosters creativity?

  • We have made sure all our spaces are relaxed working environments. Care has gone into the design of our properties in terms of both functionality and aesthetics, in order to create relaxed working environments which create the conditions for imaginative thinking.
  • We have made sure there are spaces for creativity. All our office spaces have breakout areas and open spaces proven to be better for brainstorming.
  • We have made sure all our spaces have excellent connectivity to fuel the tech behind creativity. All our office spaces have the highest speed Wifi connections available.
  • We have made sure all our spaces have state of the art office facilities to make inspired work as easy as possible.

We are delighted to be partnered with Arran Aromatics and we know our Glasgow space is going to help fuel their brilliant creative work. If you are also looking for a boutique office space, that fosters creativity; then take a look at a Nexus Business Space here!