Meet the Family

September 26, 2016

Everyday, people at Nexus Business Space are growing businesses reaching around the globe. The range of industries these neighbours are in is impressive. We’d like to introduce you to some of them...

One of the great perks of working from Nexus Business Space is the diversity of businesses you get to rub shoulders with daily. In our community, we have movers and shakers growing thriving businesses in a number of fields.

Our creative spaces are allowing imaginations and growth to spark for many in our community, with their reach expanding across the globe. From Nexus Business Space, people are literally touching and influencing industries as mixed as recruitment, brewing, energy and marketing every day, to name but a few.

Here are just a few members of the Nexus family…

McEwans Beer Company

McEwan’s beer company have joined the Nexus community by moving their offices to 22 Young Street. Launching a range of products in recent years, there is a lot going on at the base of their national marketing efforts. Being super kind folks, they have a kind offer for their Nexus neighbours. “IPA is the big one right now - there’s lots more exciting things to come from that product. It’s a really light, refreshing IPA. “We’re always looking for people to try our beers, so if anyone in Nexus fancies one they should stop by our office. We love to have visitors, pop in anytime!”

Hoolan Energy

Hoolan Energy identify and project manage renewable energy opportunities, to help utilise solar and wind power more effectively. “There is a revolution going on,” says Lizzie Foot, Hoolan Energy’s Development Director. “in recent years American homeowners started using energy storage to complement solar panels fitted to their homes. Solar panels power the house during daylight hours, with the batteries storing the excess energy.
“At night, or whenever it is needed, the energy then gets released back or you can sell the excess energy back to the grid and get paid for it. The result is that it’s enabling households and businesses to come off grid, meaning all their power comes from their own sources. It’s sustainable, renewable and cost effective.” “We are excited about the future and are lucky to work with a team of enthusiastic people who are determined to do something meaningful about climate change.”

Essential Copy

Essential Copy offers creative translation and copywriting services to luxury, fashion and digital brands.

“We work a lot with digital, luxury and fashion brands, providing newsletters, blogs, web copy, e-commerce and social media campaigns,” says Lucy Vauclair, Essential Copy’s Creative Director. Clients include Armani, Gucci, Armani Hotels and Swiss e-comm association NetComm Suisse. They started out as a creative translation service - taking marketing copy in Italian and other languages and making it work in another language. Since those beginnings they have expanded to include copywriting.

AWS Recruitment

Presented with the 2014 Best of Recruitment Practice ‘Best Customer Service’ and ‘Outstanding Small Business’ awards, AWS has continued to grow over the last two years due to their strong customer service ethic. “We believe that people buy into people and so most of our work come in through good testimonials,” Alan explains. “There’s so many bad recruiters out there that are just looking to get paid. What makes us different is that we sit down with people that come to us, discuss their needs and find out if they even need a recruiter. “If they do need a recruiter we also want to make sure we’re the right recruiter for them. We won’t take money off people unless we have to.”

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