McEwans Have Something Brewing on Young Street

August 25, 2016

Not content to make Scotland’s no.1 canned ale and no.1 bottled ale, McEwan’s Beer Company are expanding their range, have a new base and a tasty sample of IPA for visitors...

It’s not often you find an office with a beer fridge, but settling into their brand new home at Nexus Business Space, McEwan’s Beer Company have just that and there’s plenty to go around.

Tara Karimian is Marketing Manager for McEwan’s Beer Company. She and her marketing team - Joanna, Natalie and Thomas - just recently moved into our newest building at 22 Young Street. There they handle all the marketing for the famous purveyor or Scottish brews, which is 160-years old this year.

“We develop new products, design packaging and advertising, run our digital activity and basically create anything a drinker would ever see from McEwan’s from this office” Tara explains. “We also run a lot of festivals and sampling events from here.”

One Weekend, 30,000 pints

“Just recently we held McEwan’s Party at the Palace in Linlithgow. 15,000 people came along and we served around 30,000 pints of McEwan’s over the course of the weekend. The Proclaimers headlined and it was a brilliant event and really great exposure for the brand.”

Finding the perfect base

“McEwan’s is owned by Charles Wells Brewing Company which is based in Bedford,” Tara says. “They purchased McEwans from Heineken in 2011 and it was being managed from Bedford when they initially did that.

“Charles Wells then decided that they wanted to invest more in the brand and so set up Scottish offices in Edinburgh.

“Those offices were with another flexible office space provider but it was a little too corporate for us so we moved over to Nexus.

“Nexus is really just a good fit for us - it’s a central location in an older building. It’s not just a plain white box. Our offices have features which makes for a much more enjoyable work environment. It’s a creative space which is important because our creative team works from there.

New products & free samples

Since moving their offices back up to Scotland, McEwan’s has launched a number of new products: McEwan’s Red, McEwan’s Amber, McEwan’s Signature and McEwan’s IPA.

“IPA is the big one right now - there’s lots more exciting things to come from that product. It’s real light, refreshing IPA.

“We’re always looking for people to try our beers, so if anyone in Nexus fancies one they should stop by our office. We love to have visitors, pop in anytime!”