IQA Immigration: "I don't need to be in one location everyday. I do need a good business address."

February 24, 2016

Immigration advisor Beverley Harper left working in a foreign consulate to set up IQA Immigration. Now her Virtual Office at Nexus Business Space is giving her a perfect base for local and international reach...

You only have to put on the news to know that immigration is a major hot topic right now. Navigating the immigration process by yourself can be a minefield for the untrained eye.

That’s where IQA Immigration come in. Started in 2010, owner and founder Beverley Harper has been leveraging her insider experience working for British Consulates in the US to simplify incomers experience of moving to the UK.


"Much of my job at the consulates was assessing immigration applications against the immigration rules," Beverley explains.

"I got frustrated that I had to refuse so many people simply because they sent the wrong documents. Many times applicants sent the correct documents but not presented in the right way and so they had to be rejected too.

"When you have a visa application rejected, you get a refusal stamp in your passport. That can cause trouble in the future and I saw the need for people to be getting solid guidance.

Moving back

Returning to her native Scotland from New York, Beverly first took a job as head of immigration for a relocation company helping business people moving into and out of the UK.

Her desire was to move beyond simply dealing with business cases to help people in a more diverse range of immigration circumstances, whether families, students, business or otherwise. She left and set up IQA Immigration in July 2014.

Growing internationally

After setting up her business, Beverly soon became part of the Nexus Business Space community, becoming a tenant of virtual office space.

"I have clients all over Scotland and the UK, as well as internationally," she explains.

"Because many of my clients aren’t in close proximity to me, I don’t need to be in one location everyday.

A good business address

"What I do need is a good business address. Since I deal with a lot of people’s passports and important documents, I also need a secure location for mail to go back and forward from.

"The office staff let me know as soon as anything arrives for me and I can pick it up or clients can go and pick up documents from there if they need them.

"A lot of my consultations are via skype but some people want to travel to meet me face to face, so for that I book a meeting room at Nexus and it works perfectly. 

"If I’m in there I also like to use the business lounge to work on my laptop or even just use the photocopier and scanner.

"As useful as it is to me, I don’t know why more people don’t use virtual offices."

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