How to make the most of your Virtual Office

December 13, 2016

Running your business with a virtual office is a brilliant option for many growing businesses. You have the flexibility of having a reputable address as your base but not actually having to be there. You and your team can have a professional phone answering service without the cost and upkeep of having an actual physical office.

The benefits are clear, but flexible offices also come with a different set of considerations when it comes to management. Here’s some tips for making the most out of your virtual office and helping everyone involved to thrive:

Be Intentional about connection

When everyone get’s busy, it can be easy to get lost in your work and not talk to colleagues. That can be good for productivity but bad for team spirit, unity and individual morale. If you have a team who are all scattered and working remotely, you don’t have the same instantaneous ability to turn around and chat, bounce ideas around and collaborate. Schedule regular catch up calls on the phone or via facetime, skype or google hangouts.

Make sure your team feel noticed and important

Take some time on a regular basis to check in with them, acknowledge and appreciate what they do and let them know that, even though you maybe don’t see them a lot in person, you do see and appreciate what they bring to the team.

Make time to mix

At Nexus Business Space, we invite our Virtual Office users to all of our social events and mixers, so you can still have the benefit of mingling with fellow entrepreneurs, doing a bit of networking and having a good time with great people.

Make it personal

If there is big news to share, good or bad, make it as personal as you can. Don’t send a blanket email. Call people up, schedule a conference call or Google Hangout for your team and allow people to interact together as they process tough news or celebrate wins. This will improve unity and boost morale.

Nexus Virtual Offices

If you’ve been considering a virtual office, we have a range of packages to suit your needs from simply registering your business to our Edinburgh city centre address to phone answering and more. To have a chat, give us a call on 0131 344 4550.