Four ways a Virtual Office can help you build a business without losing your mind

February 29, 2016

When your business is getting off the ground, keeping costs down can be a key component to establishing a solid financial base.

But how can you compete with established businesses if you’re running it from home?

Answer: Get a virtual office. Here’s FOUR ways a Virtual Office can help you build your business without losing your mind:

1. You can register your company name there

You know they drill… your company is registered to your home address, prospective clients look you up online and see you’re operating out of a family residence and it looks, to the outsider, like you’re not yet really established. Not so with a virtual office - at Nexus Business Space you’ll be registered to an impressive Edinburgh city centre address.

2. Call answering and Mail forwarding

On top of the business mail coming to your home, your home phone rings with business calls. If you have kids, there's also a chance they might pick up your phone to an important client! Not so with virtual office - our office staff act as your receptionist by answering your calls, taking messages on your behalf or forwarding the call to a number of your choice in a reliable and professional manner. In addition your business mail will be collected and stored for you at our city centre office, or forwarded to an address of your choice.

3. You can use meeting rooms and business lounges

Just because your office is virtual doesn’t mean we think you are too. Our virtual office clients have full use of our stylish meeting rooms with audio visual and conferencing facilities and our business lounges for meeting and impressing clients. If you need a desk for a few hours, let us know and we will see if we can help out.

4. They give you breathing space

Starting a business is risky and cash flow can take time to develop. A virtual office allows you to give a strong first impression to clients without all the cost of physical office space, giving you room to test viability and grow with less stress. When the time comes to take on an office or a desk within our co-work community, we will assist you in the transition from virtual to a real time office!