Five Reasons to base your business in Edinburgh City Centre

March 22, 2016

It’s no secret: Edinburgh is a beautiful city. It has architectural grandeur, beautiful parks, deeply rooted history and is the base of the Scottish government. If there’s a place in Scotland to get things done, it’s Edinburgh. Needless to say, there are many great reasons to locate your business in this UK economic hub. Here are some of them...

Inspiration is everywhere

Has a problem at work got you stuck and needing fresh ideas and perspective? Just a short wander round the city centre will leave you rejuvenated and inspired. From the City centre you can see the majesty of Edinburgh Castle high atop the city, the rolling beauty of Princes Street Gardens, the shimmering water of the Firth of Forth with Fife in the distance and, of course, the work of leading artists on display in the National Galleries of Scotland on Princes Street.

You can get anywhere in the world

That’s right. From Edinburgh city centre the world is your oyster. You can hop a bus to anywhere in the city, grab a train at Waverley or Haymarket to anywhere in the country or jump on a tram to the airport to go abroad.

People want to be here

Recent figures have shown that Edinburgh has around 37,000 students living in it at any given time. Approximately 16,000 of those are foreign. What does that tell us? It says that people want to be here and that there is a constant flow of new talent coming through the city. Locating your business in the centre of Edinburgh makes you perfectly located to attract top talent as you grow.

It will keep you fit

Keeping in good shape when you work behind a desk all day is hard work. The good news is that Edinburgh is far from flat, so a lunchtime stroll around the city centre will be enough to get your heart rate up while you grab some fresh air.

How to get a city centre location

There’s no shortage of perks to the location. But being in such a prestigious location as Edinburgh’s city centre is expensive and impractical for many businesses. Any kind of office space that is affordable is probably dingy and unappealing for clients and colleagues alike.

What to you do? Do you pay out a lot of money for a good city centre location or continue trying to grow somewhere outside of the city?

The solution

At Nexus Business Space, we offer inspiring yet affordable city centre work space. Not only do you get to list your business to our prestigious city centre address, we provide office and desk space and hot desks, designed to spark creativity and growth in your business. If you just want to have the city centre address and a professional phone answering and mail forwarding service, have a look at our virtual office option.