Festival Hacks: How To Get Stuff Done When Edinburgh Goes Bonkers!

August 16, 2016

Throughout the month of August, Edinburgh becomes a bustling hive of activity. The population of the city swells as the world comes to visit, every space imaginable becomes a performance venue or bar and the world’s top creative talents rub shoulders with artists looking for a break.

The energy, the excitement and the hustle and bustle is unmatched but it can also make getting stuff done around the city a bit tricky. Here’s a few of our hacks to keep your business moving forward amid the festival madness:


Nexus Business Space offices are on Young Street - a quiet lane which runs parallel to George Street, right in the city centre, without the noise and the crowds of people. Our fully serviced office spaces feel like a creative retreat yet are just seconds away from all the action.


For people still trying to function normally in Edinburgh during the festival, frustration can stunt your thinking. Just accept the fact that for one month a year we live in a city that becomes the artistic centre of the world. Don’t fight it, just enjoy the sights, sounds and smells and remember it’s just 4 weeks out of 52!


We offer phone answering and mail collection services at our Young Street Offices for our Virtual Office users. That means you can maintain your professional city centre image without actually coming into the city centre! Work from wherever you want, avoid the crowds and, if you do need to come into the city centre, utilise our coffee lounges and meeting rooms.


Getting around the city for meetings is slower than normal during august and, if you’re driving, finding parking sometimes seems nigh on impossible! Maybe for this month, FaceTime, Skype and Google Hangouts would be a more efficient way to talk with colleagues and clients? Our superfast Fibre Optic Broadband is in all our offices, providing all the bandwidth you need for a great connection.


There are shows, bars and food vendors everywhere this month. Don’t let them get in your way - enjoy them whilst they’re here, let their creativity inspire you and take a refreshing energising break. It’s not everyday you could nip out for a drink and to see a comedian or a talk from your favourite author during your lunch break!

The festival brings the buzz of creativity and diversity to Edinburgh in force but at Nexus Business Space, that creative and diverse environment exists all year round. We have graphic designers, programmers and renewable energy companies working shoulder to shoulder with brewers, travel companies and more. You never know who you might meet and be able to collaborate with! To find out more about how Nexus Business Space could help your business, Contact Us